If you’re considering abortion as a choice, you’ll want fast and accurate information to help you decide.

Before you decide, here’s a video that lays out your choices with some excellent information. After viewing, you may still have more questions about the different types of abortion procedures. Scroll down to read more and click on the links to the medical websites that we’ve included to help answer your questions about abortion.

You may prefer speaking to someone in person while gathering information about your decision. Call us @ 856-795-0048 to speak to a registered nurse or to schedule an appointment for a free medical consultation. 

As seen in the video, the stage of your pregnancy will determine whether you will have a medical or a surgical abortion. Options can help identify the stage of your pregnancy with a free ultrasound so you’ll be prepared to make your best choice. Ultrasounds are performed on your second visit.

Medical abortions are performed in the earlier stages of pregnancy -up to and including 10 weeks- by using drugs instead of surgical instruments. It’s a two-step process that involves taking 2 medications called the Abortion Pill over a three day period.

Is the abortion pill safe?


What if I change my mind?

Some women who start the process of a medical abortion might not want to go through with it. They can have second thoughts and wonder if they still have time to change their minds after they have taken the first round of medication. 

If you are someone who has changed her mind, there is a chance you can still save your pregnancy. You can contact a 24-hour hotline for women who are interested in getting the Abortion Reversal Pill, 1-877-558-0333, or Go Here: Can A Medical Abortion be Reversed?  to learn more.

Surgical abortion procedures are also based on a woman’s stage of pregnancy and may include Vacuum Aspiration, and Dilation and Evacuation methods that were explored in the video.


As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Ask your doctor or provider about what you should expect with an abortion, including the emotional side effects that may occur later.

Before you make a life-changing decision, arm yourself with knowledge about what’s happening to your body and plan ahead for a support system that you may need after it’s over.

Remember, learning the facts and risks associated with abortion is your right as a patient.

The more you know, the more you will be able to take your next steps with confidence.

Please note that Options does not provide abortions but we will take the time to review all your questions and to offer you a free  second visit ultrasound to help you with your decision. Our support doesn’t end there. We’re here for you, no matter what!


Adoption & interim care can be a difficult decision for mothers. Our navigators provide the support you need when grappling with the right choice for your baby by clearly laying out the options available to you and connecting you with the appropriate agencies. No matter what you decide, we are advocates for you. We’ll help to make sure your child has the opportunity for a safe and happy future.

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