“I could never carry a baby and then give her up for adoption…”

Have you ever felt this way about adoption?

Modern adoption has changed. You’re in control. You can choose the best plan for you and your baby. Learn more by contacting Options. Come in and meet with someone who can help guide you through the wide variety of choices that are open to you. Here’s what some moms have to say about their adoption choices:

“As a birthparent, I know that placing a child for adoption-a child that you cannot take care of properly-is the most unselfish thing that any birthmother can do for her child.

The love I had for my baby gave me the courage I needed to make a hard choice, but it is a choice I’ve never regretted. My daughter is alive because of me and she is growing up in a loving family. I put my baby’s needs first over my own needs and I know it was the hardest and the best thing I could have done for her.

It wasn’t because I didn’t love my baby that I chose adoption. It was because I did.”


Adoption & interim care can be a difficult decision for mothers. Our navigators provide the support you need when grappling with the right choice for your baby by clearly laying out the options available to you and connecting you with the appropriate agencies. No matter what you decide, we are advocates for you. We’ll help to make sure your child has the opportunity for a safe and happy future.



Whether you just need some time to prepare or looking for the perfect family for your child, Options can help. Our pregnancy navigators can connect you with trusted foster parents and adoption agencies in the area. We’ll give you the counseling and resources you need to decide how much you want to be in your baby‘s life and who you want to care for them.



Am I really pregnant? Why is an early ultrasound necessary?

Even if you have a positive urine or blood pregnancy test, you may not have a viable pregnancy. An ultrasound exam is the only way to be sure. Get a free ultrasound at Options on your second visit.

* An ultrasound examination is available during the first trimester for women who are not yet under a doctor’s care. The purpose of the ultrasound is limited to diagnosis of viability and gestational age.

What should I know before considering abortion?

Get a FREE Ultrasound at Options
If an ultrasound reveals that the pregnancy will end naturally, abortion will not be necessary.

Get Tested for STDs at Options
You must know whether you are infected with an STD prior to having an abortion. There are often no symptoms. Abortion opens the cervix creating a high risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) if you are infected. PID is a leading cause of infertility.

Click here for information on STD’s:

I think I want to carry my pregnancy to term. What should I do?

Meet with an RN and schedule an ultrasound at Options
An early (1st trimester) ultrasound will accurately measure the baby’s gestational age. We can determine your need for prenatal vitamins and care. (Prenatal vitamins are available at no cost.)

* An ultrasound examination is available during the first trimester for women who are not yet under a doctor’s care. The purpose of the ultrasound is limited to diagnosis of viability and gestational age.

I’m not ready to be a parent, but I want to keep my baby. What should I do?

Interim care is a real choice that offers you the gift of time. Private, temporary, foster care will give you the time you need to get back on your feet before becoming a full time parent. Call to talk to someone who can help, or schedule an appointment now.



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