When A Client Chooses Abortion

Earlier this week an Options client chose to have an abortion. No one expected that she would go this route including herself. At her last Options appointment, she expressed a desire to carry but something mobilized her to end her pregnancy and there was...

A Lot to Be Thankful For

We’ve had a difficult year at Options. We’ve experienced grief and loss and the daily challenges that go with facing life without the presence of Joanne Thomas, Pat O’Neill, and other friends of Options, whom we all love and miss so much. Even so, Options...

Options’ Tribute to Joanne Thomas

It’s been a month since we said goodbye to Joanne Thomas and it still hasn’t sunk in that she is gone. Any moment now I half expect to see her poke her head into my office reminding me that: “It’s time for el luncho,” chiding me for making her and the rest...

To all of our Options donors, visitors, and volunteers,
In order to keep everyone as safe as possible from the Coronavirus outbreak, we are asking everyone to avoid coming in person to both of our Options for Women locations. Please note that we are not accepting any baby items, blankets, goods, etc until we have passed through this health crisis. Please take care of each other and check our website and social media pages for future updates re: changes in our visitation policy. Thank You!
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