Why Mention Abortion?

Why Is Abortion Featured So Prominently On Our Client Website?

Abortion is featured prominently on our client website because research shows that this generation spends no more than 9 seconds looking at a website for what they want. If they don’t see it, we will lose them.

There is no deception here. The client website www.optionsnj.org clearly states (on every page) that we neither perform nor refer for abortion. However, we cannot ignore women’s interest in abortion and expect them to come to or trust us. It is the elephant in the room and we must address it. We don’t use guilt or deception, nor do we “twist people’s arms” to make a decision one way or another. They must make their own fully informed decision. Most often, however, with non-judgmental counseling, access to financial help and prenatal care, most do elect to carry to term.

Why does our website include abortion as an option?

Options for Women is a Christian ministry. We believe that all life is sacred and absolutely never recommend or refer for abortion. Our clients, however, are abortion minded.

This means that when they go online to look for a “solution” they are often thinking of abortion. In fact, they “Google” abortion. If there were no mention of abortion on the website, they may never find Options. As it is, we go to lengths to make sure that Options comes up on Google searches at the top of the page. We want Options to be the first choice of those who are considering abortion, not the abortion clinic.

Please take note that the truth speaks for itself. Abortion facts are often a forewarning of the physical and emotional risks to women. The site gives medically accurate information about how each procedure is performed. This is balanced by factual and visual information about fetal development. Visitors to the site make up their own minds; we cannot make decisions for them. The good news, however, is that the vast majority of women who come to the Center, choose life, between 85 and 90%.

One important thing to keep in mind is that if women actively looking for abortion services do not see a reference to abortion on our website, they will move on to the next, which will be the abortion clinic.

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